Valentine’s Day Love

by heather

Ok, I’m coming clean at the beginning; this post has absolutely nothing to do with going green, or frugality.

But, it will make you smile and light up a spark in your heart. At least, it did for me.

NPR recently did a book review on “Six Word Memoirs: Valentine’s Day Edition”. It’s a compilation of 6 word “stories” from writers, all about their love life.

Think you can’t tell a story in 6 words? You can. And the results can be amazing. Some will make you smile, others will melt your heart, and still others will stab you right where it hurts the most.

Here are a few examples from the article:

  • “Tried Men. Tried Women. Like cats.”
  • “For the children, I remain his.”
  • “We ‘I do’-ed. Then, he didn’t.”

What’s most amazing to me is that NPR invited readers to chime in and write their own 6 word love story. As of this morning, over 650 people had written in. And some of their stories were way better than what was published in the book.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Our eyes met. Our souls smiled.”
  • “I just couldn’t handle his mother.”
  • “My heart is haunted by ghosts.”
  • “Oh, but for one more kiss.”
  • “He loved me, then my friend.”
  • “Sixty years married. Nursing home togetherness.”
  • “New best man and bride needed.”
  • “Woman pushed too far seeks realtor.”

Am I just a sappy pushover, or are these really good? Well, either way, I had to share. I spent at least an hour last night combing through all the comments. It was lusciously wonderful. There was so much joy and pain and grief in there, you really can’t help but be moved to hear everyone’s stories.

Please go check out that NPR article. Again, you can click here to get to it. And where it says “Share Your Own Stories of Love and Heartbreak”, you can write your own and then see what everyone else has written. And truly, that’s where the good stuff is. There’s a grammy-winning country song just lurking in those comments.


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