Megahome Water Distiller Product Review

by heather

Most people don’t think about steam distilling their own water. And until I started getting sick from the tap water here in Michigan, I didn’t think about it much either.

Too Much Calcium For Me…

Here’s the short story of what happened: we bought a house and moved to a new town. Three months later, I was in the hospital with kidney stones. If you’ve had them, then you know what I mean when I say “OW”.

My husband happened to be talking with the doctor while I was blissfully doped up on painkillers, and he said that the little town we live in has an incredibly high number of kidney stone cases due to the high calcium content in the water. If you’re predisposed to kidney stones (as I am) and you drink from the tap, you’re going to get them living here.


I drink a lot of water, so this was bad news. For months, we schlepped back and forth to Wal-Mart because it was the only place we could get steam distilled water, which is the purest water there is.

But it was so wasteful; all those plastic jugs, all the trips back and forth, and all the energy spent hauling boxes filled will 6 gallon jugs back and forth to the house. Not to mention the sheer torture of having to go to Wal-Mart. Not good.

And then there was the cost; buying all this water added around $30 per month to our food bill.

Then by accident, I stumbled onto at-home steam distillers. And it was a big time EUREKA! moment. I ordered the Megahome Steam Water Distiller, and was in love after the first gallon.

Why I Love the Megahome Steam Water Distiller

My Steam Distiller

My Steam Distiller

Let me count the ways…

1. The Megahome Steam Distiller is quiet. When it’s running, it just makes a whirring noise in the kitchen. Quite soothing, actually.

2. It’s cheap to make pure water. I calculated that every gallon I distill at home uses 2.9 kw of electricity. I pay 9 centers per kw, so every gallon costs 29 cents to make.

3. It’s healthy. Steam distilled water is the purest form of water there is. It’s so pure that it’s the water all other water is measured by. It has no taste at all, which is the sign that it’s good water.

4. It’s great for disasters. I never worry about the power going off or having to “boil water” during a flood. With my steam distiller, as long as I have electricity I can make water. And if you have a generator, then you don’t even need that.

5. It’s fast. It takes about 5 hours to distill one gallon of water.

6. A steam distiller can purify any type of water. If you pour water tainted with sewage in there, you’ll get perfectly pure water in the container. If you pour water filled with hazardous chemicals in there, you’ll get perfectly pure water in the container.

The leftover muck is left in the stainless steel flask, and must be cleaned out. If it’s just tap water, you certainly don’t have to do this every time. I clean out mine every time, but only because I’m anal. Because there’s so much calcium in my water the only thing that’s left over is the white calcium powder.

Last Word…

After using this steam distiller for the past six months, I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. It works like a charm, and the water I get is perfect. There’s no plastic or metallic taste at all; just pure water.

It also doesn’t take up that much countertop space. And, I was surprised at how empowered I felt once I had the ability to make my own healthy water. It’s actually really fun!

Once The Greenest Dollar’s Green Store launches in a few weeks, you’ll be able to buy a Megahome Nutriteam Steam Distiller right here on the site. Until then, you can check them out on Amazon here:

Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller Stainless

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