Save Money With Google’s New “Tip Jar”

by heather

Leave it to Google to come up with an ingenious way for the rest of us to save money.  This is a EUREKA! application if I’ve ever seen one…

I’m presenting you with The Google Tip Jar.

It’s very simple: readers from all over the world submit tips on how to save money, on all aspects of life (home, work, the environment, food, transportation, etc.).  The money-saving tips are kept short and sweet.  And, you can scroll them all quickly, voting on the ones you think are good, and giving a thumbs down to the ones you don’t.

The tips with the highest ratings are the ones that come up first.  So, you get the good stuff.

I just stumbled onto this application this morning, so I highly recommend you go check it out.  You won’t be sorry.

The Google Tip Jar

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