Lunapads Reusable Menstrual Pads Review

by heather

Lunapads reusable menstrual pads

Lunapads reusable menstrual pads

If you’re a regular reader at The Greenest Dollar, then you know I’ve now written several articles on different alternatives us girls can turn to in order to have a greener period.

I first wrote an in-depth article, “This One’s For The Girls: Green Your Period”. And then a few months ago, I did a product review on the Diva Cup, and loved it.

And, I’m just as excited to offer up this product review on Lunapads, reusable menstrual pads.

The best news? Lunapads has generously offered a coupon for us. Yay them! So keep reading!

The Lunapads Story

Lunapads was first created by Madeleine Shaw in 1993. Like all of us, she was dissatisfied with commercial disposal menstrual products. So, she decided to start making her own.

And, Lunapads was born.

Why I Love Lunapads

I tried two different Lunapads products.

Lunapads Maxi Pad With Liner

Lunapads Maxi Pad With Liner

The first was the small pantyliner, which is the picture at the top of this post.

The second product was the Lunapad Maxi Pad, with one regular liner and an extra wing liner, shown on right.

After using my Lunapads for one full cycle, I’m happy to report that I was really impressed with how well they did.

Benefit #1: They Didn’t Leak

Yep, not once. I was really impressed with that because I thought for sure, being cotton, that they might not hold up.

I’m happy to have been proven wrong.

The wings especially did a great job keeping things nice and neat, and even on my heaviest day there were no issues to speak of.

Benefit #2: They Were Incredibly Comfortable

Lunapads are made from really, really soft cotton. It almost feels like fleece. This is a drastic improvement over the uncomfortable “diaper feeling” of traditional store bought pads.

Lunapads feel like they’re just part of your underwear, only cozier.

Benefit #3: They Cleaned Easily

I thought that after one cycle of using my Lunapads they might look, well, stained.

But they cleaned easily. I threw them in the laundry with my regular clothes and everything came out just fine.

Over time I would imagine they might need soaking to keep them completely stain-free, and I know many women do soak each liner as soon as they’re done using it. But for the first cycle mine cleaned up great.

If you already use Lunapads, do you soak yours? If so, does it work? I’d love to know how to keep mine clean for the long term.

Benefit #4: It’s A Good Design

The cool thing about Lunapads is that they’re designed to be changed easily.

For instance, you wear a base pad, which is the pad on the left in the above picture.

You then use liners, shown on the right in the above picture, to handle your flow. When you’re ready, you simply change the liner and leave the base pad in place. It’s really easy.

Benefit #5: There Is No Waste Involved

Like the Diva Cup, Lunapads eliminates all waste from our monthly cycles. You wash and reuse everything, which is awesome!

Benefit #6: Lunapads Save Money

Using traditional pads and tampons means that you have to keep buying them every single month. And, this is an endless drain of money.

But, investing in reusable menstrual pads like Lunapads means that you don’t have to keep spending money each month. Once the investment is made, that’s it.

I can’t imagine how long each Lunapad lasts. But I can tell you that I looked at the stitching closely, and they’re extremely well made. They’ll hold up in the washing machine a good long time before they start to fall apart.

If you’ve been using Lunapads for a while, I’d love to hear how long yours has lasted for!

Who Would Love Lunapads?

Well obviously, any woman can use Lunapads. They make an amazingly wide variety of pads, so whether you have a light flow or a heavy flow, Lunapads makes a pad to handle it.

I think Lunapads would work especially well for younger girls who want to eliminate waste from their period, but aren’t yet old enough, or experienced enough, to handle a Diva Cup.

The only concern I have with younger girls using Lunapads is the logistics.

For instance, I can remember all too well have very embarrassing it was to have a period in middle school. It definitely would have been an “adjustment” for me to handle changing, and storing, a reusable liner during the school day.

I definitely think most younger girls today are sophisticated enough to handle Lunapads. And with the advent of the green movement, I definitely think many of them might want to use a reusable pads.

But I do think that they should be given a strategy, and a discreet bag, for storing their Lunapads in their backpack during the school day.


African workshop...

African workshop...

Lunapads’ Social Mission

Ok, I love the Lunapads products. But that’s not the only reason why I love this company.

I love this company because they’re making a real effort to get reusable menstrual pads to girls in Africa, so they can attend school.

The problem over there is that many girls, especially in the rural areas, don’t have access to menstrual care products. So when they get their period each month, it means they can’t go to school.

That’s one week lost out of every month. So these girls fall further and further behind the boys. Many don’t even finish school.

If you’d like more information on donating reusable pads for girls, click here. And if you’re a sewer and would like to help sew reusable pads for donation, there are instructions at that link to show you how to do it.

It’s safe to say that because of these efforts, this company has won my heart.

It’s Coupon Time!

Want to try Lunapads for yourself?

The company is offering all readers a 10% off coupon for all orders over $35.

Just enter the code “greenestdollar” at check out.

Thanks, Lunapads!

Last Word…

I have nothing bad to say about my Lunapads. I was really impressed with how well they worked, and I think they are an excellent alternative to traditional pads and tampons.

They were comfortable, easy to use, and a great way to save money over the long term.  Plus, they’re a company trying to make a real difference in the world by donating reusable pads to girls in Africa.

They get my enthusiastic recommendation!

Comments Disclaimer:

The past two articles I’ve written on women-specific issues garnered several complaints, some nasty, from men.

These men felt that I was “grossly over the line” in covering the taboo topic of menstruation. They felt the articles were disgusting, that I was lowering the tone of The Greenest Dollar, and that I would lose readers by the droves for covering these topics. And, that is putting some of their comments nicely.

So if you’re grossed out by this topic, listen up: These articles help women. And I’m going to keep writing them when I feel like I need to. I didn’t get one complaint from any woman for covering these topics. In fact, I got dozens of “thank yous”.

If you have issues with this article, please leave a public comment for discussion. I will not be replying to any more nasty emails and name calling; if you have something to say, do it openly.

And for all the women that sent in words of thanks and support for the last two articles (“This One’s For The Girls: Green Your Period” and “Diva Cup Product Review“), my heartfelt thanks. You rock!

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