What’s Up With the Blog?

by heather

So, have you tried to come over here only to get redirected to some crazy mal-ware site?

Have you been stopped entirely from reading The Greenest Dollar by some unseen force?

Have you tried to leave a comment only to find it has disappeared, or been blocked by the re-Captcha plugin?

Well, all of this is because the site got hacked. Big time.

Actually, it’s GoDaddy’s fault. But as a result, The Greenest Dollar got infected with some nasty code that has been causing all kinds of problems. Several readers alerted me to the problem (thank you so much!) and I’m trying to get it fixed.

This is why the blog might look a little funky the next few days as I get things reinstalled. So, please stick around! Things will be back to normal soon. 🙂

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