Saving Money With Groupon

09.10.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

So, have you guys seen those Groupon Ads yet? You can hardly visit a blog anywhere on the web without seeing them. The ads claim you can get services, dining and “stuff” for up to 90% off in your local city. Heck, I’ve even got a Groupon ad up on my own site, courtesy of […]

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Are We Really Going to Eat Genetically Modified Salmon?

09.09.2010 Health

So the FDA is currently weighing whether or not to approve genetically modified salmon. I heard this on NPR the other night as I was cooking dinner. Let me repeat. The FDA is actually thinking about approving the first genetically modified animal for human consumption. How many ways can I say this is a bad idea? […]

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How to Make Money Selling Books on Amazon

09.07.2010 "How To" Projects

Ok, so as you regular readers already know, I’ve been on a decluttering binge lately. And one of the things I’ve been getting rid of is books. Normally I donate my books to my local library. But last week I decided to try selling some on Amazon to just see what happened. Know what? I’ve […]

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Hungry in America

09.02.2010 Charity

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? I’m not talking about when there’s no food in the house that you want. Or those times when you’re simply too tired to make something. I’m talking about those times when there has been no money to buy food, no friends or relatives to give you any, and […]

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Fall Gardening

09.01.2010 "How To" Projects

Are you planning on planting a fall garden this year? Fall gardens are an excellent way to continue to grow homegrown goodness even when the weather starts to turn chilly. I’m not going to show you what has happened to my summer garden. It’s just…sad. I’ve learned over the past few months that I have […]

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The Paris Studio Method for Getting Rid of Clutter

08.24.2010 Simple Living

Ok, I know that decluttering might not, at first glance, fall into the going green or saving money categories, which are the two primary focuses of this blog (along with “being happy”). But if you think about it for just a sec, it really does cover all three. First, decluttering is green because the less […]

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Creating an Emergency Food Pantry: Part 2

08.23.2010 Uncategorized

So today I’m going to cover food planning and rotation when it comes to setting up an emergency food pantry. This is a big issue for me because I’m always toeing the line here. Part of me wants to have a well-stocked, well organized food pantry so that if an emergency does happen, I’m completely […]

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Creating an Emergency Food Pantry: Part 1

08.19.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

Do you have an emergency pantry? Most people have one on some level or another. But I think the large majority of people, including myself, don’t give their emergency pantry much thought or planning. I’m definitely not the type to be all “doom and gloom”, or give in to irrational fears that the economy is […]

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How to Forage for Nuts: Part 2

08.17.2010 Uncategorized

So, we’re back to foraging for nuts! If you missed my first post on nut foraging, you can see it here. Today I wanted to tackle acorns and pecans. Yum! 1. Acorns Many people think acorns can’t be eaten because they’re so bitter. But the truth is that we can eat acorns, but only after […]

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How to Forage for Nuts: Part 1

08.16.2010 "How To" Projects

Ok, so I know that title might make it sound like we’re heading off to survival camp in the woods. But the fact is that unless you live in the Southwest, you can pick free, healthy food up off the ground this this time of year. Nuts are chock full of healthy fats and protein, […]

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