Are Ivy League Schools Worth the Tuition?

08.12.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

Many parents are sending their kids off to college this month. And many more are starting the search for “the perfect school” for their high schoolers. You know, the kind of school that will almost guarantee a job when your grad leaves its hallowed halls four or five years later. The problem is that many […]

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How to Work Less

08.11.2010 Simple Living

Did you know that Americans work 50% more than people in France, Italy and Germany? We also get dramatically less vacation time; Western Europeans get, on average, 2 months of vacation time per year. Here in America, we’re lucky if we get 2 weeks. What gives? Why are so many of us addicted to work? […]

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Planning a Staycation

08.04.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

So, I’m going on a Staycation tomorrow. That’s right; we’re taking time off to…stay at home. Why? Well, there are several reasons. First, staying at home is much, MUCH more affordable than going away somewhere. You save on travel expenses, lodging, eating out, and those other costs that invariably pop up out of nowhere. Second, […]

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Tips to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

08.03.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

Every time Back to School rolls around, I’m torn. On the one hand, Back to School signals the slow, steady decline of summer.On the other hand, I love pencils and rulers and crayons and notebooks, and I take a real pleasure just walking into Target to watch all the kids buying supplies to go back […]

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How to Make Raspberry Wine Jelly – Canning Recipe

08.02.2010 "How To" Projects

I have been on a canning rampage lately. And I recently made a unique Raspberry Wine jam that is awesome on several different levels. First, Raspberry Wine jam does NOT call for a boatload of raspberries. Here in Michigan, we’ve pretty much reached the end of raspberry season. But you can make this jam anytime […]

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Important Lessons in Frugality from The Greatest Generation

07.29.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

When my grandmother was my age, she had a lot more responsibilities than I do. For one thing, she had 4 kids. And she was not only responsible for cooking for her family, but also for the field hands that my grandfather employed on their farm. They usually got breakfast and lunch as part of […]

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Tips for Eating Healthy and Local Foods on a Budget

07.28.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

Here’s a sobering fact from the Huffington Post to chew on: In 1949, Americans spent 22% of their income on food, whereas in 2009 they spent a meager 10%. Why are we spending so little of our income on food? The reason is because we’re buying more prepackaged food, and fast food, more than ever […]

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How to Make Peach Jam – Canning Recipe

07.27.2010 "How To" Projects

Well, it’s finally peach season here in Michigan. Whoo-hoo! When I went to Farmer’s Market on Sunday I could smell peaches everywhere. They were luscious and sweet, and I couldn’t resist buying a bunch for peach jam. Peach jam is a summertime favorite, and it’s a great way to take advantage of sweet, cheap peaches. […]

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Tips for Traveling on the Cheap: Staying Safe

07.26.2010 Uncategorized

Welcome back to my Traveling on the Cheap Series! Today I wanted to cover staying safe. What’s this have to do with traveling on the cheap? Well, think of how cheap you’ll have to travel if you lose your wallet and passport to a pickpocket. Not fun. If you need a quick catch-up, here are […]

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Tips for Traveling on the Cheap: Getting Around and Having Fun

07.22.2010 Frugality/Saving Money

Welcome back, again, to my Traveling on the Cheap Series! If you’ve missed previous posts, here’s links to catch up: Tips for Traveling on the Cheap: Luggage and Packing Tips for Traveling on the Cheap: Flights and Hotels Tips for Traveling on the Cheap: Staying Safe Today’s focus? Getting around and having fun. On the […]

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