The Green Garmento Product Review

Ok, so you’re wondering what the heck a “green garmento” is, right?

Well, if you have to dry clean a lot of your clothes, then prepare to be happy. I know I was when I first discovered this bag.

Want a bonus perk? Keep reading to discover how to get your own Green Garmento bag FOR FREE.

What Is The Green Garmento?

You know when you pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners, they’re encased in that single-use plastic bag? Well, each year over 350 million pounds of these plastic bags are dumped into U.S. landfills.

Rick Siegel, founder of The Green Garmento, didn’t like this. At all. So, he decided to do something about it. He created a reusable dry cleaning bag and started peddling it to dry cleaners. After all, if dry cleaners would give these reusable bags to their customers instead of the plastic, one-use bags, it’d sure help the environment, right?


Well, it works. Dry cleaning companies have been ordering these to use instead of plastic bags. It’s a huge perk to customers (because they get such a nice bag), and the cleaning companies get their logo embossed on the bag. In the long run they save money because they don’t have to keep buying tons of plastic.

Get Your Own FREE Green Garmento Bag

Now, if you’re not a dry cleaning company, don’t worry. You can still get your own Green Garmento bag. And guess what? Rick’s giving them out for FREE.

Click here to go right to the page to get your own FREE Green Garmento Bag.

The Green Garmento Specs

The Green Garmento is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. It has reinforced nylon handles and each bag will hold 10-12 lbs. of hanging clothes comfortably. They can be thrown in the wash, or cleaned with anti-bac spray and water. Your choice.

They offer several different lengths:

  • 40″
  • 48″
  • 52″
  • 72″

Why I Love The Green Garmento

Rick was kind enough to send me two Green Garmento bags so I could try them out on my own. And, I must say I was impressed with the bags.

Why do I love them?

First off, because the whole thing is a fantastic idea. This one product can help keep millions of pounds of plastic out of our landfills, and help cut down on our consumption of oil (because we won’t have to make as much plastic). My heartfelt thanks goes out to Rick for making such a great product.

I also love these bags because they have multiple uses:

  • Storage– You can use it to hang in your closet to store your dirty dry cleaning.
  • Transportation– It’s a duffle, so you can use it to transport your clothes in.
  • Cleanliness– And when they’re clean, The Green Garmento keeps them that way until you get home.  No plastic involved.

In fact, I’m using one of them as a general laundry bag. I hung it on a hook behind my bedroom door. It works great because the bags are actually quite large.

Plus, if you need to travel then they fold up incredibly small.  Perfect for a suitcase.

The Green Garmento is a great product all around. And since Rick is currently giving them out for free, how can you beat that?  I’d highly recommend checking out his site, and his product.  He’s doing a good thing here, so spread the word!


Everything in this product review is 100% my own opinion. All product specs and sources come from the Green Garmento website:

This is NOT a paid or sponsored post. There are no paid or sponsored posts on The Greenest Dollar.

I did generously receive 2 Green Garmento bags for the purpose of this review, but Rick was well aware I’d give my honest opinion about his product. Fortunately, it’s a good one!

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