Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste Product Review

Courtesy of Tom's of Maine

Courtesy of Tom's of Maine

Here’s what happened.

Concerned about the dangerously high score that my old toothpaste, Crest Whitening with Scope, scored on the Cosmetic Safety Database (high is very bad, you can see the review here), I switched over to Tom’s a few months ago.

I first tried Tom’s Natural Anticavity Flouride toothpaste in Spearmint. And was happy. I mean, after finding out that the main ingredient in my old toothpaste was linked to cancer, I wasn’t about to be picky.

But, the flavor was a bit chalky. And although it wasn’t gagging me or anything, I wasn’t doing my happy toothbrush dance over it either.

So imagine my sheer delight and joy when, walking through my local organic market, I stumble on a new flavor: Orange-Mango.


Even better, it was 25% off. And the store was offering a $1 off coupon. It was destiny!

Why I love Tom’s Orange-Mango Toothpaste

One word: YUM

This toothpaste lives up to what it says on the container. It really does taste like orange-mango. And, not a yucky, fake orange-mango. It tastes like real orange-mango. I delight every time I brush my teeth.  It’s so light and refreshing, almost like a sorbet dessert than toothpaste.

One word of advice: don’t expect this to be a high-frothing toothpaste like regular mainstream brands. This flavor doesn’t froth a lot at all, but I don’t feel at all that this makes my teeth less cleaner.  This particular flavor is a gel (versus a paste) and seems to work just great.

And You Can Recycle The Tube!

Yep, that’s what’s so cool. The tube is made out of aluminum and the cap is made from #5 plastic. So everything, including the packaging, can be recycled.

What’s In This Toothpaste?

Here’s the full list of ingredients, taken right off the Tom’s of Maine website:

Active Ingredients

Name Purpose Source
Sodium fluoride Decay prevention Fluorspar (calcium fluoride), an ore

Other Ingredients

Name Purpose Source
Sorbitol Moistener Corn (Zea mays)
Hydrated silica Stain removal Purified silica from the earth
Water Consistency Maine aquifer
Glycerin Moistener Vegetable oils
Fruit extracts Flavor Mango (Mangifera indica), orange (Citrus aurantium dulcis), and lemon (Citrus medica limonum) with other natural flavors
Xylitol Flavor Birch trees or corn
Sodium lauryl sulfate Dispersant Derived from coconut and/or palm kernel oil
Zinc citrate trihydrate Tartar control Derived from purified zinc from the earth
Xanthan gum Gelling agent Fermentation of vegetable matter
Menthol Flavor Brazilian cornmint (Mentha arvensis) oil

Last Word…

When this toothpaste is used up will I buy it again? You bet your bottom dollar. It’s by far the tastiest toothpaste I’ve ever used, and I love the fact that everything is recycled and Tom’s does no animal testing. Yahoo!

You can find out more about Tom’s of Maine’s products by visiting their website.

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Rebecca Rivera July 29, 2009 at 8:43 pm

I only use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, the best by far!!!

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